IB : the haredest secondary school in the world! What about it?

Simple answer: you are in any university in the world you can imagine, if you are completing a good IB final exam. All of it, being 18 years old. Nice! That's why they love it. But is it accessible for you? With me certainly, but it is a way to get it, let see the example!

                Solve it by factorisation!               This is the task for you!

You might say: "ok: the formula for quadratics" Well, it might be, but here it is not allowed for you, to use the quadratic formula. It states : "by factorisation" not any other solution is acceptable! Are they sticky? No, they are checking your brain! It might be good!

By the time you got it into a "(3x+2) times (x-6) equals 0" form, you are almost ready! The trick is: how to make it in less then 3 seconds! Because you wont have any more time left for it! You can learn it with me! More effectively, then in a highly expensive school! Thats what my teaching research was about! I put money into your pocket, years and years to come! That's why it worth the price